The KITII Corporation Website ( works to handle the personal information of customers with care and to protect their privacy.

KITII Corporation complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and all other laws and ordinances related to the handling of personal information.

When provided with personal information by an individual, KITII Corporation will clarify the information’s utilization purposes to said individual, either through making public its purposes for utilizing personal information, through informing said individual directly, or through other means.

Without the consent of the individual, KITII Corporation will not handle personal information beyond what is required for achieving the utilization purposes as clarified in the preceding paragraph.

KITII Corporation will establish appropriate measures for the secure management of personal information; it will work to prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of personal information, as well as prevent improper access to personal information.

Except when entrusting the handling of personal information to third parties as required for its utilization purposes, and except when justifiably providing personal information to third parties to comply with the relevant laws and ordinances, KITII Corporation will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining in advance the consent of the individual in question.

If an individual requests that their retained personal data is disclosed, corrected, added, or deleted, KITII Corporation will respond to this request in the proper manner.

KITII Corporation will endeavor both to establish systems for, and to carry out continuous employee training for, the proper handling of personal information.

  • If an individual wishes to inquire about, confirm, or correct their personal information, KITII Corporation will respond to these wishes promptly and in a reasonable manner.
  • KITII Corporation seeks to comply with all laws and ordinances related to the handling of customer personal information; at the same time, the company intends to carry out appropriate reviews and improvements of its Privacy Policy. For these reasons, the Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice.
  • The KITII Corporation Website may disclose customer personal information in cases where it is compelled to do so by laws or ordinances, or when for the aims (1) to (3) outlined below disclosure can reasonably be considered necessary. However, the KITII Corporation Website will not disclose customer personal information except in such cases, or except for the purposes outlined in paragraph one.
    • In order to comply with requests made to the management of KITII Corporation and/or the KITII Corporation Website by public institutions
    • In order to protect or safeguard the rights or assets of KITII Corporation employees and/or customers
    • In order to carry out emergency actions to protect the life of KITII Corporation employees, customers, or members of the public
  • Privacy on other websites
    The KITII Corporation Website will endeavor to protect the privacy and personal information of its customers; however, KITII Corporation cannot take responsibility for managing customer personal information on websites that are not under its control, even if the KITII Corporation Website contains links to them.

    In some cases, such websites will attempt to independently collect customer personal information, such as by using data that has been entered on online notice boards and by other means; for these reasons, customers are urged to take thorough care over the handling of their personal information.
  • In principle, customers are not required to provide personal information that can be used for the identification of said customers, such as addresses or names, to access and browse the KITII Corporation Website.

    However, customers are required to register personal information on the KITII Corporation Website when using the following services. The following services can be used free of charge; however, communication charges, provider fees, and other costs incurred for accessing the KITII Corporation Website are the responsibility of the customer.