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Thank you for visiting Diet&beauty fair・Hi JAPAN 2023

Thank you very much for visiting our booths at the Diet & Beauty fair from September 25 to 27,  and the Hi Japan October 4 to 6.


For product samples, brochures, and details, please contact us using the inquiry form or our sales representatives.



At the Diet & Beauty Fair, we introduced food and cosmetic raw materials that support beauty.


【Functional ingredients and cosmetic raw materials】
"Pramis®" - Fermented oat saccharide powder
"Bifislim KMH001" - Heat-treated bifidobacteria powder
"Crispatus KT-11 for Cosmetics"- Cosmetic raw material

(Japanese only)


At the Hi JAPAN 2023, we introduced the history of our technological development and our latest products, as well as further proposals for our products that have been well received by our customers.


【New Products: Food Additives】
"Yawaraka Shokunin KM" an enzyme preparation for improving the texture of retort-packed foods
"Juicy Meat Shokunin" an enzyme preparation for binding ground meat and fish paste


【New Products: Functional ingredients】

"Pramis®" - Fermented oat saccharide powder
"Bifislim KMH001" - Heat-treated bifidobacteria powder


【New applications of our products】

Meat tenderizer "Umesoft" → Introduction of application examples for frozen foods
Heat-treated lactic acid bacteria powder "Crispatus KT-11" → Introduction of evidence as a cosmetic ingredient


【Exhibits:Diet&beauty fair】




【Exhibits:Hi JAPAN 2023】